Backpack Stove Titanium including Table Board+Bottom Tray Titanium

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Backpack Stove Titanium  including Table Board+Bottom Tray Titanium

Ultra-compact wood-burning backpack stove made of high quality Titanium.  

It is easy easy to feed firewood and branches; 
Various cooking can be done on the stable top support; 
Easy to operate, unfold for assembly and fold for storage. 

Make it easy to feed long firewood and branches; 
Reduce heat damage to the ground. 


Specification Backpack stove Titanium:
Assembly Dimension (approx): 188(L)mm×122(W)mm×151(H)mm

Storage Dimension (approx): 182(L)mm×151(W)mm×15(H)mm 
Weight (approx): 360g / 0.79lbs

Material: T=0.5mm Titanium, Polyester Ox (Storage Bag)

Accessory: Storage Bag


Specification Plate set:
Assembly Dimension (approx): 220(L)mm×220(W)mm×80(H)mm
Storage Dimension (approx): 185(L)mm×165(W)mm×30(H)mm 
Weight (approx): 380g / 0.84lbs

Material: T=1mm Titanium

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